Thursday, February 21, 2013

Madison | 2 Years Old | 2013

Hey! Hey!

It's me again!! :) I decided I couldn't wait to post more pictures of my husband's ADORABLE niece. ( Well, I guess she is my niece too... :) ) Little Madison turned two the week of Valentines. We were up in Kansas City visiting Caleb's grandpa who is in the hospital.  ( Side note: Please keep him in your prayers.) I had a fun time spending the morning playing with little Madison.  I "talked" her into letting me take her pictures while we were watching a Tinkerbell movie. I know I'm mean for distracting her from what seemed like her favorite movie. ( She is just TOO cute not to photograph.) Even though, it took a little bit to get her to smile & look at the camera, the couple images I got I LOVE. I bet they make you smile.. or at least I hope they do!

This is one of my all time favorite photos!! LOVE IT! 

This picture makes me chuckle.. She was probably thinking " Seriously can't I just watch my movie..." lol 

Another fav. 

This is how into her movie she was.. :) 

Her excitement over finding a "leaf" was TOO cute. 

Haha.. So Madison picked up this stick & Carlee just took it from her & ran off.. Oh Carlee that wasn't very nice. ... lol 

Isn't she cute?! Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Come by again! 

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