Monday, February 27, 2012

Life is a Highway


                  Before I talk about the pictures I took yesterday, I need to explain something. You see I have been trying to push myself in my photography since I got my camera. I have being doing the 365 challenge ( and the 52 weeks of awesomeness challenge.  The 52 weeks of awesomeness challenge was created by another photographer, La Brisa, ( They have created a list of of 52 certain topic/things that you are suppose to take a picture of each week.  I find that this challenge really pushes me to be more creative. For some reason I always wait till Sunday to complete the weekly picture.

Anyways, this weeks picture was suppose to be something traffic related. It was an amazing day yesterday for it being February. My husband has been busy with homework all weekend, leaving me to entertain myself. Sunday afternoon after a refreshing nap I grabbed my camera and hit the road. I drove around with the windows down looking for something that grabbed my attention. I ended out on some county road that I had never been on. I pulled over and started snapping pictures. I probably looked a little strange to by-passers. As this big black (creepy) van drove by I started to think that it wasn't probably the smartest idea to be out in the middle of some random county road. Especially, since I didn't tell my husband specifically where I was going. However, I quickly took some "creative" shots and headed back on the road. I drove out to the Konza Prairie hoping I could find a pretty road with tall grass on both sides. I was sadly disappointed. I finally gave up my on photo adventure and headed home. I found it quite fun to take my camera and drive around with the windows down. It felt kind of exhilarating and freeing.

 I wasn't overly all impressed with the photos I took. I think sometimes I have too high of expectations for myself. Although, I think some of them turned out alright.  Let me know what you think! :) Next week's picture is suppose to be an object that says something about me.. hmmmm. I don't know what I will do yet.. but I will probably put it off until Sunday..

Have a wonderful week!

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