Monday, February 27, 2012

Madison's 1 year Bday

Saturday, February 25

Caleb and I traveled to Kansas City for his niece's 1year birthday party! It was quite cute. Caleb's niece, Madison, is adorable!! It's crazy to believe that she is 1 already!! The party was decorated all cute with balloons and in a ladybug theme. Her mother did a wonderful job and she even made the cake! I was excited to be able to take some pictures of course! I haven't taken pictures of children before. I learned that they are much more difficult to take pictures of. There were lots of little kiddies running around.. I almost tried to take a picture of a little girl in her party hat... but i decided i might look a little creeperish. I thought that a couple of the pictures I took of Madison turned out really great. The lighting in the church was hard to figure out on my camera. I finally got my settings right towards the end. It made me want a little girl for about 2 seconds.. and then that went away pretty fast.. haha. someday.. (maybe??) .. It did make me want to take some more little kid pictures!! Let me know what you think about the pictures!!

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