Sunday, March 11, 2012

Daniel & Shanelle's 1 year Anniversary Pictures

Happy Sunday!!
 This has been a very busy weekend for me!! I was able to see a lot of my family. My brother and his wife will have been married for 1 year next Monday ( March 19). They let me take some one year anniversary pictures of them!! It was a great time. They are such a wonderful couple!! It was probably one of the best shoots I've done.. My brother is quite a goof when taking pictures.. but that made it even more fun!! :) I am soo happy for them and I look forward to taking their 50 year anniversary  pictures.. hehe. Here are a couple of my favorite pictures.. Hope you enjoy them!

This is SOO cute.. 

My Fav!!! 

(Dan was in the "chair sit" position.. lol ) 

I took this sitting on Caleb's shoulders.. 

Now... tell me you didn't oooh & aww!! hehe

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