Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring Break Trip

Spring Break Trip:
  Last week was Caleb's spring break and we decided a while ago that we wanted to go on a trip during his break. We invited another couple that we hang out with often to join us.  It was quite the ordeal to plan the trip. I never realized how hard it is to plan trips. We threw out a lot of random  (some crazy) suggestions for trip ideas. We finally decided to go to New Mexico. I have never been to New Mexico and am always excited to travel somewhere new! We had a lot of fun even though it was A LOT of car time.. Here is an overview of the trip!!

Saturday: Before we headed out on the road, we decided that we had to get some oreo donuts & coffee. They are SOO delicious!! We arrived to Angle Fire, New Mexico around 5ish. The mountains were soo pretty!! ( Even more breath taking when they are covered in snow.) Once we were all checked into our cozy cabin we decided to drive into the BIG town of Angel fire... ( It was actually a very small town.. but cute & VERY quiet). We ate at a cute pizza placed called Angel fired pizza. It was pretty tasty but not super impressed with the wait staff. They could probably tell we were out of townies.

Sunday: A day for exploring... We decided to travel to Taos, New Mexico to explore a little bit. The roads were quite twisty & turny as they were everywhere close to Angel Fire.  It was kind of a gloomy day which could have played a toll on the overall appeal of Taos. The town seemed pretty empty. It was a very interesting town. After going to a couple unique shops, we tired this little restaurant that seemed pretty popular when we first go to town. It was this cute little cafe/ restaurant. Our waiter was very friend and talked Caleb into getting this huge burger.. which he was determined to finish.  Once we were done eating we traveled out to this bridge a little outside Taos. When we first saw that bridge, we weren't impressed at all. It looked like a boring bridge.. However, once we drove over it we saw the Rio Grande gorge.. It was so pretty! We got out to take picturse on the bridge and the wind was CRAZY. I literally cling on to Caleb afraid I was going to blow over. It was definitely the highlight of the trip to Taos.

Monday: As we stepped outside our cabin, we saw that the mountains were covered with fresh snow. After we dropped the boys off at the ski resort, Meriah & I headed to Las Vegas, New Mexico!!! We were smart and stopped off at the tourist information station first to find what we could do in the Las Vegas. Ready for some shopping, we headed down to the historic downtown. The shops weren't quite what we expected but we had fun. We had coffee, explored an old hotel & even got to get the keys to their "haunted room", ate lunch in the hotel's saloon. Before we headed back, we decided to drive out to a castle near by. We were quite disappointed to find out that it's actually being used as a prep school and we couldn't go in.

This is the old Hotel

Tuesday: We got quite a bit of snow on Monday night and most of Tuesday. The boys were SUPER excited for all the fresh snow.. However, it ruined our plans of exploring outside of Angel Fire. We attempted at entertaining ourselves in Angel fire. We started off in a little coffee shop, then got our nails done and ate at a local restaurant. It wasn't too long after lunch we started to run out of things to do. Once the boys were done skiing we headed on the road to Carlsbad, New Mexico. It was quite the drive and we got their around 12am ( 1 am central time).

Wednesday: We explored the Carlsbad Caverns and had a blast. We did a couple self guided tours and one guided tour. We were definitely caved out at the end but we had a blast. The caves were pretty amazing and huge. Once we were done, we headed back onto the road to Dallas, Texas.

Look at me!! I'm a Ranger!!

                                                      Thursday: The whole trip Meriah &I really wanted to do some shopping. However, it was pretty much impossible to find any good shopping at the places we were at in New Mexico. We spent of the day at the mall in Arlington, Texas. After a successful day of shopping and eating cheesecake we headed to a Medieval Times dinner show. It was probably my favorite part of the trip. I LOVED it. You got to wear these cool crowns and cheer for your knight. They served you lots of tasty food. We all really got into the show and even got our knight to throw Meriah & I his victory flower. Sadly, our knight died and let us down in the jousting tournament. It ended up being a pretty fun night.

Friday: We headed HOME!!! It was a great trip but I was very glad to be home.

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