Thursday, March 8, 2012

52 Weeks of Awesomeness: Week 9

Hey there!
 This post is a little late but I decided to go ahead and post it anyway. Last's weeks picture of the week
 was suppose to be of an object that said something about yourself.. I always struggle with what to because I want to think something super creative that challenges myself.. which can be difficult! I thought about a variety of different objects but kept coming back to my bible and wedding ring. I finally decided that those two object said the most about me!

I picked these two objects because they symbolize the two most important things to me; my husband's and my heavenly Father's love for me. My faith is very much a part of who I am. God has brought me through many difficult times in my life. He always perseveres and never gives me more than I can handle. I would be so lost without him. He provided me with my lovely and patient husband. My Husband is my biggest supporter. He's always pushing me to be best Godly women I can be. It's such a blessing to have such an amazing man that treats me like a princess. When I was in high school, I'd always write the qualities I wanted in my future husband in my journal. One of those qualities was  "treats me like a princess." I started to believe that is was unrealistic expectation.. that it only happens in romantic movies. However, Caleb proved me wrong. I'm not saying our marriage is perfect ( far from!) or fairy tale like you see in Disney movies but it's a marriage that is founded in God's love. I hope that girls don't give up on the dream of finding their "Prince Charming"... because you really can!! That doesn't mean that they will never make you mad or disappoint you because they will. Marriage is about a commitment to love your spouse in good times and bad.. in the days where they drive you nuts and the days where they make you laugh still you cry. I am sure there will be many rough days but there will also be many MORE good days!! :)  ( Sorry for my little rant.. )

 Anywho.. I hope you enjoy my picture from last week. Hopefully, I wont take as long to post this week's photo. Keep checking back for updates!! ( I may be taking some anniversary pictures this weekend.. depending on the weather!! )


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