Saturday, June 22, 2013

Savana | 3 Years Old | South East Kansas

I was so excited to take Savana's pictures! In high school  her mom & I would stir up all kinds of trouble. I couldn't believe I hadn't met her daughter until now. She reminded me so much of her mother.  When Erin told me she wanted to get some 3 years old birthday pictures, immediately I knew that balloons would be involved. I also thought it'd be the perfect time to use the pretty banner my mother in law made for my wedding. The day of the session my dad drove me around our property and I spotted a cute little tree cluster that was perfect. Have I mentioned how much I love to shoot on my parents property? :) Savana was such a cutie. She seemed so mature for her age. I was super happy when I saw the ADORABLE wooden rocking chair Erin brought. I wanted to keep it but Savana said no. haha It looked perfect in the taller grass. This was one of my favorite kid sessions. Enjoy her fun photos and be prepared to be jealous of her cute little curls! :) She's sure to melt your heart.


She was a silly girl! :)

Aren't they cute?! They even smile the same! :) 

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