Monday, September 16, 2013

Bailey | Senior | South East, KS

Happy Monday!! :)

I wanted to help brighten your Monday but showing you some of Bailey's awesome senior pictures. I had a great time planning and taking Bailey's pictures. I loved talking to her about her outfits and locations before hand. We started the session off at my parents creek and my dad helped me lower down my vintage chair. That chair is really getting it's workout these days!  I'm so thankful for having such a handy dad, he makes a great assistant. I was loving the pictures down in the creek, despite the lack of water and horrible stinky creek smell. Good thing pictures, don't capture smells right? :) Even though, it was high 90's when were taking pictures, you never would have none by the way Bailey acted. She was rocking her pictures and the heat wasn't going to stop her.  Bailey is so beautiful and I was impressed with how well she did the "serious" face. She has the most beautiful eyes, I'm slightly jealous of  them. It was such a pleasure spending the evening with Bailey & her step-mom. Bailey's step-grandpa is one of the kindest men I know and I can tell that he passed that onto his family. I can't wait to take their family photos later this fall.  I'm going to go ahead an apologize for the over whelming amount of pictures on this blog. I hard a time narrowing down my favorites. I love them all!! I hope you enjoy them, too! Feel free to share your thoughts.

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