Friday, September 6, 2013

Sister Love | Family | South East, KS

I always love taking pictures of my friends and I've been planning to do a "just for fun" session with my friend Kerri all summer. Finally, it worked out that we'd both be home for a weekend. Kerri asked if I'd also take some pictures of her triplet cousins because they were also in town. Her cousins are super cute but a tad bit shy but Kerri did a great job at helping me get them to smile beautifully. Kerri loves cows and has been wanting me to take a picture of cows for her office at work. ( She went to K-state for something Ag related.) :) Her grandpa owns some cows and as I was taking pictures of them feeding them, one kept trying to come up and lick my toes. haha Her grandpa thought it was pretty funny. I was pretty stoked though because I even got to feed a cow. :) I don't do that every day.  It was pretty fun evening despite the SUPER hot, sticky heat. This also happened to be my first session as an official full time photographer. Alright, no more ramblings from me, check out these pretty ladies!


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